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About this item

  • A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST- Platypus is a well known brand in the oral care field and EarthWise natural dental flossers were developed with both the environment and consumer dental hygiene in mind. These natural dental floss picks will keep your oral hygiene on track while being eco-friendly.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY- These flossers are plant-based and made from cornstarch to help minimize the effects on the environment from plastic pollution. Help support farmers while keeping your teeth clean with these effective dental picks.
  • BIODEGRADABLE- Made from biodegradable corn starch these flossers will break down naturally at 140 F and this is achieved in the landfills of today.
  • EFFECTIVE- EarthWise natural dental flossers are durable and easy to use. Clean those hard to reach places in your mouth with the comfortable grip and strong floss string. These dental flossers for teeth will remove debris, help keep breath clean, combat tooth decay, and keep your teeth feeling clean.
  • GLUTEN-FREE & VEGAN- Unflavored, gluten-free & vegan. *Please note these flossers are not specialized for braces*

EarthWise Eco Flosser

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