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Sample Patient Packs
The innovative shape allows you to floss your entire mouth in less than 5 minutes
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The Platypus Orthodontic Flosser from David W. King Pictures, LLC on Vimeo.

Sample Patient Packs

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Do you want your patients to increase their compliance with flossing?

The #1 Orthodontic Recommended Platypus® Ortho Flosser has changed the way the world flosses with braces! These flossers are easy to use and slip effortlessly under archwires and between brackets. Your patients will be able to floss your entire mouth in less than two minutes. 

We have put together these bags for you to share our flossers with your patients. Each Patient Sample bag comes with 75 wrapped 3 packs of our Platypus® Ortho Flossers.

Same Product as Family Paks™ (FP203).

This product is commonly ordered by doctors' offices and for bulk ordering. 

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